We are very excited to announce that we will soon embark on a trek across the western United States. The trip will take us from our home in Texas to Port Angeles, Washington, and back again.

 We've been planning this trip for months. It is not technically an overland journey. Most of the trip will be on highways, but we're going to cover a lot of territory. Total mileage as it stands today is 4,988 miles (8027 km), plus side trips.

We'll be camping all the way to the Pacific coast and back. On our journey, we'll encounter every type of terrain available in the western United States; from the deserts of Utah to alpine meadows and temperate rain forests of the Olympic National Park.

Sadly, adventure dogs Viva and Darla will not be able to join us on this trip. They will be at home keeping an eye on the house sitter and following us on WobblyOtterOutdoors.com, YouTube, facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We invite you to do the same!


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