unwind to the outdoor sights and sounds of nature


This video is a gift from us to you... put together in the hopes it provides a pleasant, inviting backdrop for you to unwind and relax beside a stream, a waterfall - and watch some wildlife along the way.

It starts with a sunrise and ends with a sunset. Okay, there are more than one sunset, though it does end with a pretty spectacular one. The video features many of our favorite outdoor scenes, streams and wildlife encounters from the first three-plus years of Wobbly Otter Outdoors. It's our longest production yet, at just over 53 minutes. So, grab a beverage, a snack, and enjoy.



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The outdoor footage is set to music that we hope you will find pleasant as well - for a potential ASMR video experience. Included is footage of these states: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nebraska, New Mexico, South Dakota, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.


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