Southwest Disk Discada vs. Tembo Tusk Skottle

We're comparing two plow disc design cooking pans, the Tembo Tusk Skottle and the Southwest Disk Discada. It's one of our most popular videos.

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19 Camper Mods

These are the top 19 camper modifications we've made (so far) to make travel more comfortable, efficient and to make the best use of space. The beauty of these customizations is that they can work on many different rigs other than our Escapade Backcountry squaredrop camper that we call, "Poe."

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Ike and Poe in front of the Apishapa Arch in San Isabel National Forest, Colorado

In this episode we're camping and traveling in Colorado's San Isabel National Forest. San Isabel National Forest is located in south-central Colorado.

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unwind to the outdoor sights and sounds of nature


This video is a gift from us to you... put together in the hopes it provides a pleasant, inviting backdrop for you to unwind and relax beside a stream, a waterfall - and watch some wildlife along the way.

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cliff view piedra river - san juan national forest of colorado

In this video, we're taking a look at some of the sights from our late summer trip to the San Juan National Forest in southwestern Colorado, as well as packing-up camp.

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vont flashlight being run over by truck tire - includes nice picture of the flashlight too

This was a fun video to make. Vont sent two of their compact LED flashlights to us for review, and we put them through their paces, including: 10-foot drop (toss), submerging it in water and running over it with Ike, our Hummer H3T. Oh, we also test their "scary lighting" setting during our escape of an attempted alien abduction. {wink}

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usb ac outlet installation

In this video, we're adding a multi-port electrical outlet to the back wall of the cabin in our Escapade Backcountry camper that we call Poe.

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Making Fresh Pasta while camping in Colorado

I've been learning how to make pasta at home and decided to give it a go in the "wilderness." So, we are making fresh pasta while on a camping trip in Colorado. Camp is in the San Juan National Forest at an elevation of about 8,200 feet.

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