Chaco Canyon - Chaco Culture National Historical Park

This is the massive, rugged and beautiful Chaco Canyon.

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Camp at Fenton Lake State Park

Tonight we camp at Fenton Lake State Park... Or at least that's the plan. Everything is picture perfect until we heard the bear.

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bosque redondo memorial and billy the kid grave

We're taking a look at the amazing history, nature, and scenery in and around the lands of the Ancestral Puebloans and the Navajo Nation.

Early in our trip, we travel through Fort Sumner, New Mexico and decide to stop in and see the Bosque Redondo Memorial and Billy the Kid's gravesite.

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 binder clips fix loose rtt straps

This is the most simple solution we have found to secure our rooftop tent's worn velcro straps.

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Dead Down Wind Products Review

During our trip to the Pacific Northwest, there were times we would be camping in bear country. We didn't want our scent, shampoos, soaps, etc. to attract bears and that's when we found the Dead Down Wind products.

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Texsport Kangaroo Mess Kit Revuew

I'm currently carrying the Texsport Kangaroo 5 Mess Kit in my camp pack. I like it and here's why.

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morris mule trailer review, overlanding trailer

Now that our Morris Mule trailer (George) is all decked out, it's time for a full review.

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Testing 10 Fire Starters

We take a look at ten different items for fire starting that are in my go bag (camp pack) and see how each one works. After this video, some are not in my pack anymore, and there is one outright fail of an item that didn't even make the list.

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