binder clips fix loose rtt straps

This is the most simple solution we have found to secure our rooftop tent's worn velcro straps.



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Our Smittybilt rooftop tent has wide Velcro around the bottom of the cover and also two straps that go over the top and secure with Velcro to hold the cover on during travel.

In our one-year review video of the tent, we mentioned that a couple of times high winds have blown the cover straps lose during travel. Our initial plan was to use lashing straps to hold the cover in place. Since then we have come up with a more simple solution... binder clips.

The binder clips we are using are the "Mini" size. Each clip has a 1/4" binding capacity and is 3/4" wide.

We use two clips on each strap and fold the handles back so that they are flush with the cover. We put the clips on in places where the strap isn't putting pressure against the cover so that hopefully the clips won't rub friction holes in the cover during travel.

So far this the binder clips are working great! And, it turns out the binder clips are handy for other things too, like chip bag clips, and holding together gazillions of other things.

Following is a link to a small binder clip assortment pack on Amazon.


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