usb ac outlet installation

In this video, we're adding a multi-port electrical outlet to the back wall of the cabin in our Escapade Backcountry camper that we call Poe.

There are a total of 6 ports in this outlet unit: 2 for AC and 4 for USB. The USB ports are each 2.1 amps. The outlets' housing has a 6.5-foot cord with a 3-prong AC plug.

In the video below, you'll see the narrated, installation process, some additional tweaks, and why we chose the location to put it in the camper.



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The Location

In Poe's galley, there is an AC plug that connects to external power only. This is what the new multi-port outlet will connect to for power.

The back wall of the interior cabin is shared with the galley. We choose to put the outlet as close to the bottom of the galley's lower shelf as possible. There is a collar that threads onto the back of the outlet to hold it in place, so we need to be sure to allow enough room for that.

The Process

The center where the hole will be is marked on the galley wall. A pilot hole is drilled through the galley wall into the cabin. Gaffers tape is put over the sawing area of the galley wall to help minimize splintering.

hole saw attaching w

hole saw drilling begins inside the camper cabin

A 3-1/8" diameter hole saw is used to cut the hole. Sawing is done from the inside of the cabin, through the back wall and into the galley. I didn't know how thick the wall would be, so I rushed from the cabin to the galley while Bill was sawing. It turns out the shared galley and cabin wall is 3/4" thick and is made of good quality wood. It took a while to saw through it. The sawed-out part of the wall is pictured below.

wall removed - hole cutout piece

The sawdust is vacuumed up. The gaffers tape is removed. Light sanding is done on the cabin wall side to smooth the rough edges around the hole.

The outlet is placed through the opening. The collar is threaded-on to hold the outlet securely in place. Time to plug it in and be sure the outlets work... Success! Everything works. The wiring is secured in the galley.


wiring neat in galley - scrap wood spacer

The back of the unit sticks out into the galley about 1.5" or so. To be sure the ice chest doesn't slam into the back of the outlet, a scrap board that's 2-7/8" wide, is velcroed to the bottom of the galley wall.

We Like It

usb-ac outlet installed in back wall of teardrop camper cabin

We like the location of the jack because it makes it easy to plugin and use our laptops, as well as charge phones, tablets, and other devices. The large back wall works great for propping up a pillow to lean against and read, journal, or work on a laptop. Having the outlets in the center of that back wall is very convenient.

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