park packs review

The Park Pack is a small package containing the following single-use items: a pair of earplugs, sunscreen (SPF-30), lip balm (pomegranate flavored), insect repelent lotion (non-DEET formula), Sting Relief, hand sanitizer, wet wipe, and a tush wipe.

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Aztec Ruins - New Mexico

Aztec Ruins National Monument is located in far northwest New Mexico in the city of Aztec. We visit in May.

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Monument Valley Drive

Monument Valley Tribal Park is in the Navajo Nation, and spans into both Arizona and Utah.

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Exploring & Camping Inside Canyon de Chelly, AZ

In this second video about Canyon de Chelly, we're going into the canyon with a Navajo guide and camping overnight. It's amazing how seeing everything from the canyon floor is so different from seeing it from the canyon rim.

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Canyon de Chelly, Arizona - Canyon Junction

Oh, the incredible views of Arizona's Canyon de Chelly as seen from the 1,000+ foot  rim.

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Bisti and De-Na-Zin Wildernes of New Mexico

We do a bit of overlanding in far northwestern New Mexico to have a look at the Bisti & De-Na-Zin Wilderness areas.

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Chaco Canyon - Chaco Culture National Historical Park

This is the massive, rugged and beautiful Chaco Canyon.

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Camp at Fenton Lake State Park

Tonight we camp at Fenton Lake State Park... Or at least that's the plan. Everything is picture perfect until we heard the bear.

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