Mountains of the Pecos Wilderness

The views are breathtaking and the scenery is diverse. We camp at Santa Cruz Lake Overlook Campground. We take in bluff views and visit El Santuario de Chimayo.

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We often make time lapse videos at night, usually of our camp to see if any animals wander by. Usually, we don't see anything.

In Mills Canyon, New Mexico, our camp was in the trees and too dark for video. This time we placed the camera looking across the valley floor toward the ruins of the old hotel. The ruins are not visible. They are behind some trees in the distance.

Mills Canyon Night

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Bill Viewing Mills Canyon

It's a new day in Mills Canyon as we explore the canyon, the main complex of Melvin Mills historic Orchard Ranch, and witness some flooding of the Canadian River.

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Mills Canyon in the Kiowa National Grasslands of New Mexico

On the way to the beautiful, historic Mills Canyon we encounter thunderstorms, a huge bolt in a tire, lots of glorious mud, and incredible views.

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Potty Packs Review 

The kind folks at Potty Pack reached out to us and asked us if we would review their products. We said, "Yes!" and here's that review.

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Bill, Viva and Cris at campfire with marshmallow roasting sticks

We thank the folks at Roke for sending us their marshmallow roasting sticks for review. There are 8 stainless steel roasting sticks and one cloth carrying pouch with drawstring in the set that we received.

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 Gold Rush Campground, Lolo National Forest, Montana

We stay two nights at Gold Rush Campground in Lolo National Forest. The closest town is the lovely Thompson Falls, Montana.

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weathertight totes how we keep gear dry

A frequent question we have been asked is just how waterproof is the Morris Mule trailer.

The short answer is, the Morris Mule trailer isn't waterproof, however, it does have seal around the top of the bed and a nice tongue in groove closure of the top doors that keep out a lot of the water and dust. In this video you'll see the gaskets that are in place on the trailer and the areas that don't have any gaskets.

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