Ansel Watrous Campground, Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado

These are our first two nights to camp near rivers. We camp beside the Cache La Poudre River of Colorado and by Little Goose Creek in the Bighorn National Forest of Wyoming. The sound of the water rolling over the rocks is heavenly and great for sleeping.

The elevation at Ansel Watrous Campground is 5,800 feet (1,768 meters). The low temperature in the evening was 45 F (7.2 C).



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We chose to camp in Ansel Watrous Campground because one of my cousins and her family live in the area. They joined us for hotdogs and smores over a campfire. The kids played in the river. Everyone had a nice visit. It was the first time we got to meet in person. It was wonderful.

Bighorn National Forest Entrance

The travel from Ansel Watrous Campground in Colorado to Little Goose in Wyoming is one of the longest driving days of the trip. Much of the drive to Little Goose is over a narrow dirt road.

IMG 7150 Bighorn Natl Forest WY 800w

The elevation at Little Goose Campground is 7,750 feet (2362 meters). The low temperature in the evening was 40 F (4.4 C).

Horses, Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

We arrive at Little Goose Campground to find it is FULL of motorcycle and 4-wheeler enthusiasts. Fortunately, there is plenty of space across the road for us to setup camp. Though large in number, our fellow campers are incredibly quiet and respectful.

THE, I say, THE reason Bill chose to camp here is so that he can drive Ike and George (our truck and trailer) across Little Goose Creek. We watch as folks on horseback and in pickups, and even a dog swimming, cross the creek.

Now it's Bill's turn. Other than the rooftop tent almost landing in the water, everything goes great! Lucky for us the trailer rights itself and successfully completes the trip across the wide creek - twice. The second crossing was considerably slower.

At supper time there was light rain, so we put the camp chairs under the tent and enjoyed "patio" dining.

Mule Deer Doe, Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

We saw several deer near camp, especially a doe and her fawn. There was very little light when I took the video of the fawn running across the forest. Every so often he would dart from one side to the other. The low light, and his speed and unpredictability, made it difficult to catch him in the frame.

Little Goose Creek, Bighorn National Forest, Wyoming

Sleep came easy this evening. Little Goose Campground is a tranquil place to camp. We wish we could stay longer. Sounds like a good reason to plan a trip back.

The next day we leave Wyoming and camp in Montana. We've never been to Montana before. We're excited!


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