Bill Viewing Mills Canyon

It's a new day in Mills Canyon as we explore the canyon, the main complex of Melvin Mills historic Orchard Ranch, and witness some flooding of the Canadian River.

Checkout the video below to see part two of our stay and exploration in Mills Canyon.



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Main House Mills Orchard Ranch

above: Main house of Melvin Mills Orchard Ranch. There are two obvious structures still visible at the complex. One is the main house (above) and the other is a large adobe bunk house. We explore both in the video.

The history of Mills Canyon is fascinating. The scale of Melvin Mills Orchard Ranch, formally named The Mills Canyon Enterprise, is simply extraordinary. He planted over 14,000 fruit trees covering hundreds of acres in the Canadian River valley. The orchard produced tons of peaches, pears, apples, plums, apricots, cherries, walnuts, chesnuts and almonds.

Mills Canyon History Information Credit: United States Forest Service, Department of Agriculture Signs, and "The Canadian Runs Through It" at by wanderwest/Ann Euston dated July 10, 2010.

Bill beside the high waters of the Canadian River

We drive as far as we can go into the canyon and discover flooding of the Canadian River (pictured above). It's an incredible site to see and hear.

bluebonnets in the sands along the Canadian River

An amazing number and variety of flowers are blooming in the canyon. Most surprising are the bluebonnets (pictured above) that are seemingly everywhere in the massive sandy flat along the Canadian River.

Antelope in the Kiowa National Grasslands

On our last morning we savor one last look at the Canadian River before packing up and making our way out of Mills Canyon. We see ANTELOPE! One of them (pictured above) came right to us as it was looking to locate the rest of the herd.


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