Gold Rush Campground, Lolo National Forest, Montana

We stay two nights at Gold Rush Campground in Lolo National Forest. The closest town is the lovely Thompson Falls, Montana.

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weathertight totes how we keep gear dry

A frequent question we have been asked is just how waterproof is the Morris Mule trailer.

The short answer is, the Morris Mule trailer isn't waterproof, however, it does have seal around the top of the bed and a nice tongue in groove closure of the top doors that keep out a lot of the water and dust. In this video you'll see the gaskets that are in place on the trailer and the areas that don't have any gaskets.

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Swan Creek Campground, Gallatin National Forest, Montana

Today is full of inspiring sights. The mountains and streams of Wyoming and Montana are awe-inspiring. Before we arrive at our reserved campsite beside Swan Creek, we stop off at the Medicine Wheel National Landmark.

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Ansel Watrous Campground, Roosevelt National Forest, Colorado

These are our first two nights to camp near rivers. We camp beside the Cache La Poudre River of Colorado and by Little Goose Creek in the Bighorn National Forest of Wyoming. The sound of the water rolling over the rocks is heavenly and great for sleeping.

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Glow and Rain at Sunset - Trinidad Lake State Park, Colorado

This part of our 23-day expedition from Texas to Washington takes us to Trinidad Lake State Park of Colorado.

It's raining and windy when we arrive at camp. Oh, and as we drive in we get to see someone else pull into the camp site we had reserved.

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 Caprock Canyons State Park, Texas

FINALLY - We're putting together the videos of our 23-day expedition from Texas to Washington State and back. This is the first day.

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Viva PlaysCatchThrows

In this video, our dog, Viva, learns that she can play catch with us by dropping the ball down the stairs so that we can throw it back to her. It works pretty well!

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Bisgear Double Hammock Review Feb 2017

The folks at Bisgear must have liked the video review we did of the camp cookset that they sent to us previously, because they just shipped a double hammock to us for review also. How cool is that!?

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