Aztec Ruins - New Mexico

Aztec Ruins National Monument is located in far northwest New Mexico in the city of Aztec. We visit in May.

The Aztec did not live here. The ancestral Puebloans lived here from the late 1,000s to the late 1200's. The West Ruin has been excavated; the East Ruin has not. The architecture of Aztec is similar to that of the Chaca Canyon Pueblos.

See Aztec ruins along with us in the video below.



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Aztec Ruins - Excavated West Ruin

The West Ruin great house was 3 stories tall, had over 500 rooms, a plaza and many kivas, including a great kiva.

aztec ruins 1434 w

The great kiva was reconstructed in the 1930s. The reconstructed great kiva (pictured above) is absolutely stunning!

Great kivas were public buildings that served as the religious and ceremonial center of the community. Common features of great kivas are: a central fire pit, four pillars and floor vaults.

Aztec Ruins - Doorways Aligned

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