black hills arrival and camp deerfield reservoir

We're just getting started. This is the first of our videos about our adventures in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Join us in the video on arrival day and the day after as we set up camp, explore, eat and enjoy a pleasant thunderstorm.



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We are camped beside a lovely stream with a name that doesn't do it justice - Ditch Creek. We're in the Black Hills National Forest and staying in the Ditch Creek Campground. Ditch Creek Campground has 13 camp sites.

The Black Hills are an isolated mountain range in western South Dakota that extend into far eastern Wyoming.

Black Hills is the translation of the Lakota name given to the hills, because of the hills dark appearance from a distance.

Black Elk Peak is the highest summit in the Black Hills at 7,244 feet (2,208 meters).

In the video we explore the beautiful area around camp and... You'll see a huge broken log across the creek. I thought it would be a great idea to work my way out onto that log to get footage of the upstream waterfall. Let's just say I got a little wet, muddy, a little scrapped up, and a little embarrassed. I did save the camera. It only had few drops of water on it.

More Information
Ditch Creek Campground on the US Forest Service website:


Natural Olive Wood Cutting Board:
Folding Firebox Stove:
10" GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Frypan:
Bamber Wooden Spatula:
7" Damascus Santoku Knife w/Leather Sheath:
Browning Privacy Shelter (our shower):
6' x 9' Canvas Drop Cloth (to protect & help tent mattress last):
Toaks Tongs Set (splits out into fork and spoon):
Smittybilt Overlander Roof Top Tent:


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