Nebraska's Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge

We're going through Nebraska on our way to South Dakota, and get to do a bit of overlanding between the communities of Oshkosh and Lakeside.

Check out all the happenings in the video below.



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Tonight's camp is at the Otter Creek Campground which is near the banks of Lake McConaughy. It's a pretty campground, but it is right by the railroad track. During our stay, at least 20 trains went by.

The evening forecast calls for thunderstorms with 50 mph winds, lightening and dime-sized hail. The wind makes it incredibly loud inside the tent. The noise and the threat of hail cause us to get inside the pickup. The storm lasts about 2 hours.

  • The worst of the storm is over just before 1:00 am.
  • 50 mph winds - yes
  • No hail. Thank goodness.
  • We crawl back into the tent to sleep.

The upwind tent wall is wet through. However, there are no puddles or leaks. The edge of the mattress that is touching the wet wall is damp. Everything else is dry.

The next day we get to do a bit of overlanding between Oshkosh and Lakeside, Nebraska.

nebraska crescent lake natl wildlife refuge

The route will take us through a part of the Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge. The Refuge covers over 45,000 acres and has the largest protected continous sand dunes in the US. There are a dozen small lakes and numerous ponds that are fed by underground aquifers in places where the dunes are below the water table.

Crescent Lake National Wildlife Refuge on wikipedia:

nebraska crescent lake natl wildlife refuge


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Dehumidifier Pack, by Zarpax:
Canvas drop cloth, 6'x9' (oh so soft after washing):
Kelty 12' Noah's Tarp:
Kelty Adjustable Tent Pole:
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