Tembo Tusk Skottle Review

In case you're wondering what a Skottle grill is, join us as we unbox, setup and cook supper on one. We'll share our thoughts and observations too in this complete review of the Tembo Tusk Skottle.

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The Skottle by Tembo Tusk is like a skillet with legs and has a propane burner as its heat source. The legs put the cooking surface at a pleasant cooking height. Each leg is 29" long and because their are 3 of them, the Skottle is more stable. The Skottle uses propane fuel so it can be used even if you are camping in locations where there's a burn ban in effect.

The Skottle is made of carbon steel, is 18" across and comes pre-seasoned. It's built like a tank. Take good care of it and it could last a lifetime.

We purchased the Skottle kit which includes:

  • Skottle and its 3 legs
  • Single, 10,000 BTU propane burner
  • Carrying case with zipper for the Skottle and a sleeve with velcro closure for the legs

The burner attaches flush to the bottom of the Skottle. There are 2 long screws that go through the horseshoe-shaped bracket on the bottom of the Skottle to hold the burner firmly in place. The burner may be left attached and still easily fit into the carrying bag.

The carbon steel Skottle cooks differently than a cast iron skillet. The steel doesn't conduct heat as well as cast iron does. It's good to let the Skottle warm up for a minute or two before cooking. The cooking area of the Skottle is the center 8 or 9 inches. The area outside that will stay warm but not nearly as hot as the middle.

The propane burner heats the Skottle easily and using a setting of low to medium will work best for cooking most things while also preserving the seasoning.

Clean up is easy. Boiling water in the Skottle will clean most cooked-on food. Scrub the Skottle with a little bit of rock salt for hard to remove bits.

To season the Skottle, wipe it down with a little bit of olive oil and heat it until it begins to smoke then let it cool down. The more the Skottle is used, the more seasoned and non-stick its surface becomes.


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