Does this fuel bottle fit in a mess kit

Questions about the nesting of a fuel bottle inside a mess kit has come up a number of times in the comments on our YouTube channel.

Watch the video below to see what fuel bottles fit in which mess kits.



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It seems like a good thing to try out to see and share the results.

We take two sizes of fuel canisters: the 100 gram and the 220 gram butane/propane fuel mix bottles, and put them inside 4 different cook sets to see if they fit.

The 4 camp cook sets tested are the:

  • Coleman Stainless Steel Kit
  • Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set (stainless steel)
  • Texsport Kangaroo 5-piece set (aluminum, non-stick coating)
  • Bisgear Camp Cook Set (anodized aluminum, non-stick).

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