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To celebrate reaching 50 subscribers on our YouTube channel, we're having not one, but two give aways - at the same time.

The give aways were a great success and are closed.
All prizes have been claimed.

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We are very excited to announce that we will soon embark on a trek across the western United States. The trip will take us from our home in Texas to Port Angeles, Washington, and back again.

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Scaled Quail at Big Bend Ranch State Park #3854

One of my favorite creatures that we see on trips to Big Bend Ranch State Park is the scaled quail.

When I was a kid, there was a large covey of bobwhite quail that lived near the dirt road entering our property. It was such a treat to see them running around, and they much prefer to run than fly. Bobwhite quail have a distinctive run. Their little legs and feet go like mad while their body stays smooth and steady, all while holding their head high so they can see their surroundings. As years passed, there were fewer and fewer in the covey, and then they were gone.

Our first trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park was in September. They had experienced a bit more rain than usual, some just before our arrival. The abundance of foliage and flowers was awe inspiring. The Chihuahuan Desert landscape was impressively alive with color.

As we drove the long, sand and gravel road toward the ranger station, I saw a bird running and darting around the bushes near the side of the road in the distance. All I could do was stare at this beautiful bird with the reminiscently familiar behavior. "THAT'S A QUAIL!," I exclaimed with joy and excitement. I hadn't seen quail in the wild in 20 years.

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IMG 5737

Big Bend Ranch State Park is the largest state park in Texas. It is located South of Marfa and southeast of Presidio.The park encompasses a number of former cattle and sheep ranches in the unforgiving Chihuahuan desert.

The land is raw and the roads are worse. I must say that they are much improved over the washed out mess we found there in September of 2015. This year the main roads have been graded and we could approach the posted speed limit of 25 MPH (40 kph) in the park without jarring our fillings loose.

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Rooftop tent

"There is something delicious about writing the first words of a story. You never quite know where they'll take you."
Beatrix Potter

Welcome to the inaugural blog of Wobbly Otter Outdoors (WOO). We are excited about embarking on this journey and sharing it with you.

Looking back, it's like we have been preparing for this adventure our entire lives. Though we didn't meet until adulthood, as kids, Bill and I were each spending time in nature. He was exploring the mountains of New Mexico where his grandparents lived and the canyons in the high plains of Texas. I was camping, fishing and hunting with my parents mostly in Texas and Colorado.

We met in, and live in, north central Texas. Due to electrical outages in nearby areas caused by storms, we started prepping - disaster planning. Water storage, food supply, electricity backups are all considered. That led to the making of our bug-out bags. Then hey, did you know that everything that goes into a bug-out bag makes for a great camp pack? It does, it does.

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