The Browning Privacy Shelter is a sturdy, roomy tent with rainfly that can serve many purposes. We recently it on a three-night camping trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park. It worked great in the roles of a changing room, latrine, and a shower. I'm so glad we had it!


The privacy tent is 5'6" x 5'6" at the base and 7'2" high at the center. Packed size in its travel bag is 25" x 7" and it weighs 12 lbs 11 oz.


In the video: The setup, walk-through and take down of the Browning Privacy Shelter/Tent.


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As A Changing Room

Our home on the road is a rooftop tent that is 51" high at the center. And while there's enough room to change clothes in the tent, it's just more comfortable to be able to stand up when changing.

The Browning privacy shelter has loads of room in it. It's 7'2" at the center so even mega-tall folks can stand up in it. One of my favorite features of the shelter is the large side shelf. It is a the perfect place to put clothes and anything else you don't want to put on the floor. It's even large enough that you could put a camp chair and even a small camp table if you want.

As A Latrine

On a recent trip to Big Bend Ranch State Park, our campsite was a 25-minute drive from the closest restroom. The Park required that we pack in a loo. We took a Luggable Loo and placed it in the Browning Privacy Shelter. The shelter couldn't have worked any better, providing privacy and plenty of ventilation.

As A Shower

Using the Browning Privacy Shelter as a shower is what caused me to fall completely in love with it! It's roomy. It's two side windows open as much or as little as needed to provide fresh air or keep warmth in depending on the weather. The four pockets inside and two on the outside were perfect for keeping clothing up and away from the shower spray. The water drained well out the three sides of the floor that have mesh strips around the edge. The ground was uneven under the shelter in a small area causing the water to puddle on the floor. It was easy to splash the water out of the puddle and out of the shelter.

Setup Tips

There are a couple of techniques that we found helpful for setting up the shelter. 1) Stake down the two front corners of the floor first. The two stakes help keep the shelter in place when the wind is blowing and also help square-up the floor when the shelter is setup. 2) Connect the top poles and side poles to the top and upper sides of the shelter before starting to raise it. The shelter is tall, so it helps to connect its top to the poles while they are still within reach.


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