Review & Compare GSI Outdoors Pinnacle & Bugaboo Frypans

This is a review and comparison of two 10" GSI Outdoors frypans: the Pinnacle and the Bugaboo.

In the video below we take a look at both the Pinnacle and the Bugaboo frypans side-by-side.



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Both of these GSI Outdoors frypans are well made. When looking at them online, it can be difficult to tell what is different between the two.

The Pinnacle and the Bugaboo frypans are similar in size and general appearance, however there are some notable differences.

The Pinnacle is the more heavy-duty performer of the two, offering greater durability for use in camp cooking.

[When discussing the size of the pans in the video, I say that they are "10 inches in diameter." That's mistake on my part. They are each 10 inches across.

Exterior Finish

The exterior finish of the two frypans is the fastest way to tell them apart. The Pinnacle has a matte dark grey exterior and the Bugaboo is silver in color and shiny... when new.

We've used both of ours over campfires so they look very similar on the bottom now. They have a nice sooty finish.

Both pans have circular ridges on the bottom. These do a great job of keeping the pan from slipping off of a small camp stove.

Teflon Coating

The interior of the Pinnacle pan has a Teflon with Radiance technology surface and is approved specifically for campfire use. There is also a three layer coating developed to survive the highest level of scratch resistance. In the video, you'll get to see how wonderfully non-stick the surface is when we make an omelet.

The Bugaboo pan has a non-stick Teflon surface.

The interior of the Bugaboo pan is a darker grey than the inside of the Pinnacle.

We want the pans to last as long as possible, so we will only use spatulas and utensils made for nonstick surfaces, like: wood, nylon and silicone.

Type of Aluminum

The Pinnacle frypan is made of hard anodized aluminum.

The Bugaboo frypan is made of aluminum.


Both GSI Outdoors frypans have foldable handles and the handle style and latch is the same on both. However, the diameter of the metal in the handle of the Pinnacle is larger when compared to the Bugaboo pan.

Would We Buy Them Again

Yes, in a heartbeat! These are excellent pans and they are a joy to cook with and clean.

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