There once was a little rooftop tent pleasantly enjoying its stay at the Papalote Llano Nuevo campsite in Big Bend Ranch State Park. All was peaceful in camp during the warm afternoon. Co-tent-setter-upper, Bill, was taking a shower in the nearby privacy shelter. The other co-tent-setter-upper, Cris, was relaxing in camp after taking her shower.

There was a rustle in the distance. The rustle grew louder and louder and then it was clear that a massive dust devil was headed straight for camp. The winds were strong and straight, about 30 to 40 mph.

Cris ran to the shelter where Bill was showering, grabbing one of the upwind corner poles and holding on tight, hoping the wind wouldn't blow it loose from its stakes and her hands. The wind continued and lifted the ladder side of the tent and folded it up.

rooftop tent folded up by wind

Finally, the winds subsided a bit.

Bill stuck his head out of the shelter shower and exclaimed, "What the hell was that? I thought it was the end of the world."

See all the events in the video below...


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Yes, it was quite an impressive dust devil and fortunately, nothing was damaged, and no one was hurt.

Time to open the roof top tent back up and stake it down, so winds during the night don't fold it up while Bill and Cris are sleeping in it.

We hope you enjoy our reactions to the wind folding up the tent.

rooftop tent tie down from ladder

We hope too that our methods of rooftop tent tie down are helpful for you so that you may camp safely during windy times.


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