We love that the rooftop tent gets us off the ground and is quick to set up, but we still want to be able to take the dogs camping with us.

So just how does one get a large dog into a rooftop tent?

A ramp seemed to be the most logical choice, so we decided to build one.

The dog ramp criteria:

  • A slope as low as possible, so it is easy for the dogs to climb
  • Wide enough, so the dogs are comfortable using it
  • Fit into the rack under the rooftop tent for travel

To meet those criteria, the chosen dog ramp design has the following specs:

  • 12' long when in place for dog use
  • 6' long for travel
  • 17" wide
  • Three rails of 1x2's to make the ramp rigid
  • Outdoor carpeting on the walking surface
  • Steps about every 9" for better footing (It turned out the outdoor carpet was kinda slick without these steps.)
  • A brace for the middle to better support the weight of the dogs.

Even with a functional ramp, there was no guarantee that the dogs would use it. To our pleasant surprise, they DO use it. And they even seem to enjoy running up and down it. Lots of treats and patience helped each one learn to use the ramp for the first time. They did great!

In the video, you'll get to see:

  • A quick time-lapse view of the ramp construction
  • Our pup, Viva, "helping" during construction
  • How it fits together for use
  • How it fits together for travel
  • Best of all, you'll get to see our dogs, Viva, and Tess using the ramp, including Tess' first time.

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