Applying Herculiner - Morris Mule Trailer Makeover

In part 2 of the makeover of our Morris Mule trailer we paint and paint and paint... using Herculiner bed liner, Rustoleum bed coating spray paint, and Rustoleum Camouflage sand color spray paint.

Pieces of the trailer and its accessories are everywhere and we paint it all.



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On larger surfaces like the trailer bed and its fenders, rollers are used to apply the Herculiner bed liner material. On smaller and more intricate places (and when we run out of rollers), paint brushes work better.

Turns out there were two tricks when using the Rustoleum camouflage sand color spray paint.

The first comes when painting behind the small bars that go across the front of the trailer. There's no way to spray behind them. In the video, you'll see me spraying the paint onto my gloved hand and rubbing the paint onto the back of the bars.

The second "trick" started out being more of a challenge. It was hot during this project. Daytime highs were around 98 degrees F and it only cooled off to about 77 degrees F at night. It's tough to spray paint when it's so hot. Some of the spray paint was drying and forming dust in the air before reaching the trailer. The paint that was wet when it hit the trailer would blow the dust and stick it down making stripes. The only solution was to spray paint early in the morning and apply the paint as lightly as possible.

Check back for part 3 of our Morris Mule trailer makeover.

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Following is a list of  the products we use in the complete makeover project:


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  • Trailer bed
  • Fenders
  • Cargo area
  • Underneath: forward facing surfaces of crossbars and axle
  • Brake boxes: top and forward facing surfaces, and the side of the box away from the trailer


See this product on Amazon:

  • Trailer tongue
  • Underside and back of crossbars underneath the trailer
  • Brake boxes: trailer side and bottom surfaces, and the surface where the light goes
  • Cargo storage box
  • Jerry can racks


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  • All top, front, back and side trailer surfaces not otherwise painted


See this product on Amazon:

  • Trailer stabilizer bars and rack bars


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