Las Cuevas Still Bill looking in cave

Come along with us in the video as we explore some of the caves and discover ten different pictographs (rock paintings) and lots of mortars (grinding holes) created by native people, some 3,000 to 500 years ago.

There's something that touches the heart and soul fondly when walking through a place that families, centuries ago, called home.


The location is Las Cuevas in Big Bend Ranch State Park. Las Cuevas is approximately 7 miles from the park's entrance sign.

The ceilings of some of the caves and overhangs are covered with soot from campfires of long ago. Many bedrock mortars (grinding holes) of various depths dot the cave floors. Mortars were used for grinding things like maize and nuts, and some speculate they were also used for water storage.

More than 500 prehistoric campsites and shelters, cooking areas and rock painting sites are within the park.

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